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Blog Post #5 — My Skills

So skillz.  These things that kinda make or break you as a competing individual in the artistic world.  Boom! you gotta stand out and be Different, but no! you need to be coy and elegant and talented…What the perfect combination of skills is in my mind is nonexistent.  Sure there are some basic ones like being logical and honest that I think every person ought to strive for, but as for the winning makeup of a successful artist, uniqueness can be a great thing.

So what are my oh so numerous skills? (*casual hair toss*)  Well hmmm.  Obviously there are some I shine in and many I’m yet to attain.  To start, I think I could say I’m rather skilled in several dance techniques particularly classical ballet and modern.  I come from a background of training where both were closely drilled into me.  I’ve been working on being better at jazz, a style that I love, but love slightly less when I’m actually doing it.  

Now going through the list of skills on the prompt, I thought I might just address each one.

The List: 

  • imaginative
  • skillful
  • flexible
  • adaptable
  • collaborative
  • connected
  • communicator
  • savvy
  • fundraiser
  • dedicated

So imaginative.  Well yes. Um yes. Yes I am for sure quite the imaginative person…even my modern teacher told me I was and that she could tell there was a great deal going on in my head at all times (she is correct, by the way).

Skillful….this seems like the odd duckling….because being skillful in my eyes is being all or most of these things, kind of like a super blanket term.

Flexible: Well heh. Yes…physically, yes.  The other way…yes as well but not as much as physically.

Adaptable: Isn’t this the same thing as flexible?

Collaborative: Yes!  I adore working with my fellow classmates not just dance classmates but people from other arts areas.  I continue to be so god damn impressed by the talent I’m surrounded by, and I love hearing their takes on things and their many ideas.

Connected: In a sense, yes, I’d say I’m beginning to become connected, but I feel that one can always become more connected artistically.  This is something I’ll strive to increase throughout my four years at SMU and hopefully after that as well.

Communicator: This is something I’m far better at than I was four years ago, for sure.  I used to be quite the wilting flower…what I mean by that is quite shy, but throughout high school, and being surrounded by weirdly awesome un-shy theatre kids those four years, I became more outgoing, and able to express myself in front of others.  I for sure can always be a better communicator, but I’d say I have like the baseline skill level of this that would give me like a C+ on it if it were on a grade report.

Savvy: Technologically? Hahahahaha no.  Not at all.  I’m rotten with technology of all kinds.  Most things I touch turn broken…But like in the abstract other sense….ish? Not quite sure, I’ll get back to you on that one….

Fundraiser: Uhhhhhh not really…I’ve never been great at this, because most of my ideas don’t seem cool to the people with money.  I for sure would like to improve this skill.

And lastly…duh duh duhhh….Dedicated! Well (*flips hair again*) Yes.  I wouldn’t be an arts major in a four year university if I weren’t dedicated.  Heck! I wouldn’t have spent 14 of my 18 years on this planet in dance studios and theatres if I weren’t dedicated.  Dancing all day, erryday aka ‘going to school’ for me…yeah if that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is!

Hollaaaa looks like that wraps it up! So this is my official last blog post, but if you watch closely, my rambling stream of consciousness may make another appearance sometime ;)  

BYE nerdz,


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Elevator Pitch

Hello.  Who am I? 24601. Just kidding…I’m a mover, a lover of movement, of defying gravity and physical boundaries, and my name is Christine Renée Nestleroth.  Nestleroth spelled like “Nestle” chocolate, then “roth.”  I love moving people.  Now not like “Hey, dude, outta my way!” but in the emotionally, intellectually, and awe-inspiring way.  Some may find a crying audience member as a nuisance: being all ridiculous and all wet, but I see them as an immense success.  Bringing somebody to tears through a performance is an incredibly humbling experience.  Being told by someone once that my dancing did this for them, in turn, made me cry as well.  I know very well that this is where my passion lays: moving people through my movement, and communicating without being limited to words.  If I were to label myself as a dancer with one main style, I’d say contemporary ballet, but I’m also very close with modern and improvisation as well as experimental movement work, and theatrical work.  I am driven to take the world by storm and physicalise my feelings and thoughts throughout this storm and after it passes while the sun shines overhead.  If my storm interests you, take one of my business cards and give me a ring…I’d love to grab coffee or fro-yo with you sometime to discuss the future. 

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Blog Post #4 — My Motivations

To start, I don’t feel very motivated to write this blog post.  Why? you may ask, well quite frankly because somebody TOLD me to do it.  This is also true for any other homework assignments…particularly extensive ones that seem to quite obnoxiously be as I like to call it, “busy work.”  It isn’t that I don’t recognise the value in said assignments, it’s just I hardly ever find them very enjoyable.  I’ve grown to become somewhat fond of blogging in the past few weeks…perhaps because the assignment outline is rather vague and there is not specific length required or whatever.  I’m given a topic, but otherwise I pretty much have free reign.  

I like having free reign over my work.  I like being able to be creative and to think for myself.  Always being told what to do is so dull and gets quite old.  Don’t misinterpret me, I love being told what to do in dance classes: which exercises to execute, how to better execute them, and when to do so.  I adore getting corrections from my dance teachers because I know this means they’re paying attention to me and see some potential in the way I move.  It’s more so with academic school work that I die of boredom.  

I suppose school’s never really been my thing.  I get adequate grades…low A’s and high B’s or what have you, but I never seem to exactly connect or understand the reason behind much of the work I’m required to complete to receive these grades.  I find much of the education system so dry and unimaginative.  As a person with an imagination the size of an elephant, I’d like to be taught in a way that stimulates more innovative thinking, more opportunities to see a problem solved multiple ways.  

Oh dear, it seems I’ve galavanted quite far from what is supposed to be the theme of this blog post…my motivations.  I’d say I’m quite motivated by the future I want for myself, and thus I work myself very hard to make this future possible.  I set goals for myself at a much taller place than I can reach, for the reason that this makes me put 100% of my effort and heart into everything I do, so that not only will I exceed my expectations and brighten the people I meet on my path, but I’ll accomplish things I never thought possible.  

If this doesn’t sound like something you do, I challenge you to give it a try.  It may be exhausting as hell, but you’ll never go to bed being disappointed with yourself because you’ll literally always know you gave everything you had and will do so again the next day and the next day, and the day after that.  

I’m motivated by the people I surround myself with, and the places I live in.  I’m motivated to work hard, do great things, and ultimately be a happier person.



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Blog Post #3 — My Values

So values.  Such a loaded word, values is…so differently defined by such a variety of people, in so many different places, in such different ways.  People value all sorts of things and hold certain principles in very high regard.  

So what are my personal values?  To start, what I value and strive for more than anything else in the world is to be happy.  Money and material wealth don’t matter much to me at all…unlike a lo of people I know of.  It isn’t that I don’t understand this thirst for this kind of wealth, I just don’t feel like my soul or heart is benefitting from such a tangible target.  

Being happy for me means most importantly expressing my artistic personality through classical, contemporary, improvised, and innovative physicality.  With all intention of sounding cliche, my body is my instrument as a dancer.  Not only is it precious and needs to be taken care of very selfishly, but it is my means for communication…through my movement, I express what is not always so easy for me to say out loud or express differently.  

But you see, I value dance for so much more than just the steps, the repetition, the exercise…I am incredibly moved by many pieces of choreography and I yearn to learn and perform them myself.  

As for non-artistic values, I don’t have many.  At least not concrete ones.  Not to be hatin’ on uber religious people or anything, but I in all honesty, don’t understand the drive to follow a very set, defined, list of do’s and don’ts, and the ability to do so either.  I feel as though I have to learn through my own mistakes, and live my life without trying to avoid specific hurdles.  Jumping the hurdles of life is the exciting part of living…it is the part of living that cultivates personal motivation, and discovers ones true passions and interests.  

I think it is very likely and equally important for ones values to change over time.  How boring would it be to live by one specific set of rules for a lifetime?  Really freaking boring, I should think.  I know I’ll find happiness pursuing the art I love, and learning and growing immensely in the process.  I’ve been told by a lot of people that I’m a free spirit.  I cannot help but wholeheartedly agree with them on this…walk into my dorm room and you’ll be sure to find pictures of John Lennon with Yuko Ono, posters for the Peace Corps, and strings of origami cranes all made by yours truly.  

I value the arts, freedom of expression, and creativity.  I value having the privilege and opportunity to pursue my passion as a career, and I value the people I’m surrounded by.  Live, love, dare to be different and find PEACE in yourself and your work.

Stay hip, playas,


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Blog Post #2 — My Work Habits

I tend to acquire inspiration while listening to music or walking around by myself.  I find the ordinary way of things to be a catalyst and source of ideas for new and unusual ways of moving.  I love walking around by myself listening to my ipod on shuffle and creating or seeing different movements for each unique song.  I tend to work best late at night when my mind races with imaginative possibilities.  

Regarding academic work habits, my gusto is much less something to be proud of.  I tend to procrastinate on assignments and on studying for tests almost to the maximum I can allow while still doing well.  I’m not sure if it’s a rush I feel knowing it’s now or never…so now! (to finish an assignment) or that my mind is scattered with the most wild and unpredictable thoughts at that time of almost panic, and I expel all these thoughts into words and homework assignments almost as though my mind is throwing them up.  

Unlike some, the shower isn’t the place for my best thinking, it comes sometimes as I’m drifting into one of my usual two to three naps during the school day, right as it feels like I’m falling into a place of weightlessness, and right before I seem to smack the ground back into stark reality or literally the floor when I fall off of my semi-elevated bed (this has happened).  

I work best alone, and I work best either with quiet or with particular music.  I do know myself to often get distracted with music, as sometimes I’ll feel the urge to get up from my work and begin moving and grooving to the song, and then the next one, and the next one, creating my own private dance party, but I’ve learned allowing such a luxury is not something I can reasonably afford time-wise.  

In dance classes, I work best when I give my all and move fully in every exercise and combination.  I don’t let myself rest in any particular area…to me, I see every piece of movement as something I’m performing, and I create some sort of theme or story in my head to help guide my presentation of the movement.  

To sum it up, don’t wake me up from a midday nap unless I’ve instructed you to, don’t distract me in a dance class, and don’t involve me in conversation when I’m trying to focus on school work, and I’ll be your favourite weirdo.

Keep it tight—